Processing Charges for Loans & Advances



Processing Charges
(in Rs.)

1. Personal Loans


Easy Loan (Repayment of Old debts scheme)

1.00% Min. Rs. 500.00


Utsav Scheme

1.00% Min. Rs. 500.00


Consumer durable items Household items, House Repairs / Renovation (where property is not mortgaged) Ceremonial Loans

1.00% Min. Rs. 500.00


Consumer durable items Household items, House Repairs / Renovation (where property is not mortgaged) Ceremonial Loans

1.00% Min. Rs. 500.00


Clean cc up to Rs 1.75%

1.00% Lakh Minimum
Rs. 500

2. Business Loans


Business Loans, Cash credit, New renewal enhancement, Term Loan (Mortgage, Purchase of Business Property, Hypothecation of Plant & Machinery) LC and Bank guarantee.

0.75% sanctioned loan amount


Legal Charges applicable for Commercial Loan and Advances where property mortgage is involved.

0.10% of the amount of loan applied Minimum
Rs. 5500



Enhancement in Working Capital facilities which includes Cash Credit, Flexi Overdraft, Bills Discounting limit, Project Loan, BG/LC limit etc.

0.25% for renewal portion and 0.50% on enhanced limit.



Review/Renewal of Working capital limits (e.g. Cash Credit, Flexi OD, PRLN, Pledge, Bills Discounting ,salary earners OD etc.)

0.25% of the Sanctioned Loan Amount


3. Vehicle Loans


Vehicle Loans Personal & Commercial.


1% sanctioned loan amount


Four Wheeler for personal use



Minimum 1000.00
  Two Wheeler for Personal Use  


Minimum 500.00

4. Housing Loans


Housing Loan

Upto Rs.20.00 Lakhs

Above Rs.20.00 Lakhs


Minimum 1000.00


Housing Plus

0.75% of the loan amount

5. Mortgage Loans


Mortgage Loans / O.D. / RPM (Gruha Saukhya / Gruha Sajawat) DNSB Vyapar Loan

1% sanctioned loan amount & Minimum Rs. 500

6. Advance against Share / Mutual Funds


Advance against Share / Mutual Funds / Debentures/ Govt. Bonds

0.75% Min Rs. 500.00 + D'mat Charges + Other Charges as applicable

7. Advance against Govt. Securities & Gold


Advance against Govt. Securities - NSC / LIC / KVP / IVP & Gold Loan

0.50% Loan amount Minimum Rs. 250

8. AD-HOC Cash credit / TOD


AD-HOC Cash credit / TOD

Rs. 5000.00 / or 1% of over limit whichever is maximum.


Request for releasing part amount from original sanctioned limit, pending compliance of few terms and conditions and/or request for modification of terms of sanction after issue of sanction letters

For loan limits upto Rs.200.00 Lakhs.

-Rs.2000/- per request

For limits above Rs.200.00 Lakhs upto Rs.1000.00 Lakhs

-Rs.5000/- per request.

For limits above Rs,1000.00 Lakhs.

-Rs.10000/- per request

9. Educational Loan


Educational Loan

0.50% sanctioned loan amount

10. Loan for Handicapped


Loan to Handicapped persons

Rs. 200.00


Loan up to pensions

0.25% up to sancation Loan amount Min. Rs100.00


Loan up to professionals

0.25% up to sancation Loan amount

  Clean Cash Credit upto Rs.4.50 Lakhs 1% of sanctioned loan amount.Minimum Rs.500/-
  DNS Laghu Udyojak Scheme/ Minus 2 & Minus 1 (For MSME Units)

In case of takeover of accounts from other banks, no processing charges to be recovered however if enhanced limit granted , 0.50% on enhanced limits to be charged


In case of other than takeover loans, 0.75% of loan sanctioned amount.
  Pledge Limit (Sugar & other commodities)

New limit – 0.25%

Renewal – 0.25%


In case of Fresh Business Loans, the abovementioned Processing Charges are to be recovered in stage wise.

Stages  Revised Charges+GST

 At the time of submission of proposal  10% of total applicable processing charges of 0.75% i.e.0.075% of loan amount applied (Non Refundable).
 At the time of In Principal Approval  0.1875% i.e. 25% of applicable of processing charges
 At the time of issuance of final sanction  0.4875% i.e. 65% of applicable of processing charges