DNS SUSHRUSHA ( शुश्रूषा ) LOAN *

 Purpose of loan :- Payment of Hospitalization Expenses

Quantum of Loan:- Unsecured Loan- Maximum Rs.  5.00Lakh

                                              Secured Loan-Maximum Rs. 15.00Lakh

Security:- For Unsecured Loan - Nil

For Secured Loan- Immovable Property and /or Liquid security including our Bank’s TDR,

                                    LIC Policy, NSC etc.

Repayment Period :- Moratorium max. 9 months

                                                 For Unsecured Loan- Max. 84 months (inclusive of Moratorium)

For Secured Loan-           Max. 120 months (inclusive of Moratorium)

Rate of Interest :-       Unsecured Loan- 7.45%

                                     Secured Loan- 6.95%

Documents for Guarantor:-

A) Unsecured Loan -

Two Guarantors to be obtained.

i) Any individual – Business person / Professional / Self-employed / Salary Earner.

ii) In case of salaried person, last three months’ salary slips along with Form No.16 for the latest financial year to be obtained.

iii) In case of other than salaried Persons-Latest 2 years IT Returns

B) Secured Loan - No Guarantor required.

Processing & Service Charges :- NIL

*T & C Apply