Introducing New Facility through Internet and Mobile Banking (Do Mobile Plus)

Dear Customer,

We are introducing a new service through Internet & Mobile Banking (Do Mobile Plus). This service is termed as Card Control System (CCS). Using this service DNS Bank customers can gain control over his/her debit cards and safeguard them against any probable fraudulent activities.

ON/OFF ATM/Debit Card : You can turned OFF and turn ON your ATM/Debit Card through Internet & Mobile Banking. If your ATM/Debit card is turned Off, No transactions can be done through such card. Customer can lock their cards after using it for safety.

Set Card Limits Customer has flexibility to set transaction limits for ATM, POS and Ecom usage. Using this facility customer can reduce and increase above limit within BANKS limit.

For example, Bank has set Rs.25000 as limit on card transaction per day. if customer wants to change this limit to lower value he can do it using internet & Mobile Banking facility.

Currently this facility is available for employees only. To use this facility please login to Mobile banking >> More >Customer Services>>Card Control Security

While using Internet Banking >> Customer Services >>Self Service >> Card Control Security

Security Update on Mobile banking (Do Mobile Plus App) 
Newly added beneficiary will be authorized by Bank within 24hrs.