Aakanksha Loan Scheme

DNS Bank    05-Aug-2016

"Aakanksha" - Loan scheme of two and four wheeler passenger cars for personal use and purchase of consumer durables. - Valid upto 31.03.2015.

For Four Wheeler


For purchase of New Four Wheeler for Personal use



Any Individual



New vehicle: 20% of invoice price
(i.e. the cost of vehicle + RTO Registration + Tax + Insurance).

2nd vehicle: 50% (If aggregate price is less than valuation then 50% of the Agreement price).


Processing Fee



Repayment Schedule

36 to 60 months subject to repayment capacity and liquidity of customer.

2nd Hand Vehicles (50% of the life or vehicle as estimated by the empanelled valuer or 60 months whichever is less).



Minimum one acceptable to the bank.



Prime: Hypothecation of new / Second hand vehicle (as the case may be).

Collateral: Collateral Security equivalent to 50% of loan amount while sanctioning vehicle, Loan above Rs. 15.00 lacs to be obtained.