Saving Account


Saving account helps to grow your hard earn money safely and steady for future. Saving account of the account holder can be linked to Internet banking; SMS banking and Mobile banking to add ease in the overall transactions carry out by saving account holder. We also offer wide range of Saving Account like Pride, Prestige, Premium and Gold Saving Account.

Who can Open Account

Any Individual, Society, HUF, Club, School etc.


How to Open Account

By our account opening form.


Min. & Max. Lock-In Period

Not Applicable.


Premature Withdrawal

Not Applicable.



Strongly recommend to nominate someone.





Small Savings.

Rs. 25,000/- per day withdrawal allowed through ATM.

Cheque book facility available 
NEFT RTGS ECS facility available.

Minumum Balance

Rs. 500/- (With Rupay ATM Cum Debit Card)

Rs. 1000/- (Cheque book & Rupay ATM Cum Debit Card)