Privilege Savings Account


Privilege Saving Account is the type of saving accounts which have additional features than ordinary saving. 

Features Savings Account 
  DNS Gold
Average Quarterly Balance
Rate of Interest   4.25%
Minimum Balance   75,000 /-
Charges per day if minimum balance not maintained     100/-
Free Number of Transactions p.m.
• DD/PO   15
• RTGS / NEFT   20
• All transaction in ATMs of other banks   20
Restriction of amount in ABB   NO
Zero waiting in branches   Yes
ATM Card Limit for withdrawal   25,000/-
Waiver On Processing Charges 
• Personal Loan   100% Waived
• Vehicle Loan   100% Waived
A/c closure Charges within 1Yr   3000/-
& unused cheques per leaf   5/-
A/c closure Charges after 1Yr and within 2 years   1000/-
& unused cheques per leaf   5/-