Clean Cash Credit


Purpose - To meet working capital needs of Small Business Enterprises and Retail customers

Margin:  Nil

Period: 12 months.  Account to be renewed every year.

Rate of Interest: 12.80% (With SPGIP)

                              13.30% (Without SPGIP)

List of Documents required (To be verified with original).

For businessmen/professionals/Self-employed

(Borrower and Guarantors)

For Salaried person

(Borrower and Guarantors)

KYC Papers

KYC Papers

Certified true copies of Income Tax Returns of last two years with computation of income/ Profit and Loss account/ Balance Sheet

Last 3 months salary slip

Bank statement for last 6 months showing salary credit

Copy of Pass book/ statement of account of 1 year (other Bank)

Form 16 for last 2 years  or IT return for last 2 years

* T&C applicable APPLY Download PDF